Bailey S Customer since 2013

Always have great service here! Employees are friendly and I know my car is always taken care of well! Never had any issues and don't foresee me ever having any!

♦♦♦♦♦ Robin P Customer since 2014

I am totally impressed and appreciative!!!! This story will be a little lengthy...I had a tire with what I thought was a slow leak but on the way to work the pressure dropped lower than usual. Figured I leave work a little early, make an appt. with the dealership because they took care of last tire repair a week prior. Got busy at work and forgot until 4:00. The dealership is open until 6:00. I called them to see if I could get in for a tire repair. They acted like I would be putting them out and the mechanic said he only had three techs on duty, so they weren't an option. I work in Golden Valley so first looked online to see if there was something close. I'm not familiar with the area (no I don't leave work during lunch hour, I only know my path to and from work...I live in a paper bag). Decided I'd better find a place close to home. By now its 4:30 and I discovered Lenfer in a Google search. I called, he said if you can get here in the next half hour they could take a look at it. I told him I work in Golden Valley and if I was a few minutes late would that be ok. He said I think we can work with you. I fly out the door, the pressure on the tire was 23PSI, figured I'd better use the compressor my car has (no it did not come with a spare tire, it came with a compressor and fix a flat). That took a good 7 minutes to get the pressure up. Traffic was an absolute horror. Long story short, I did not get to them until 5:45. 15 minutes before closing. I walked in and apologized and asked if I could make an appt. for the next day. He asked about the tire and they took me in right away and repaired the tire. They were so friendly and didn't act a bit put out that I arrived so late. I will go back there for service on my car and I will recommend them to others. Great service. If we tipped auto repair places like we tip other service businesses like restaurants, they deserve a 50% tip. Went above and beyond in my book!

 Elily D Customer since 2014

Lenfer has integrity which is pretty hard to come by these days. I am extremely pleased with the work you've done and I'll always go there from now on.

♦♦♦♦♦ Kelly F Customer since 2011

Great service. Repair was completed on time.

♦♦♦♦♦ Pat B Customer since 2012

We bring our Volkswagen Jetta diesel to Lenfers because we trust them for their honesty and prompt service. The work is done well, the estimates are accurate, the service is pleasant and explained. Trust is important in auto service. We recommend this garage and think they are first rate.

♦♦♦♦♦ Karen T Customer since 2014

My first visit, was a long one. Needed the plugs changed, and tranny fluid changed. Parts runner brought the wrong filter, so extra time was added to my wait. They were very friendly, helpful, and the vehicle seems to be running smoothly. Cost was reasonable. Next appt is in a week or so,. Need a coolant change..will post again after all is said and done. Then, I should be ready for the awful weather ahead!! :)

 Richard H Customer since 2011

Great. We appreciate the honesty and integrity of Lenfers Automotive.

 Trish B Customer since 2010

They always show me what is wrong so I learn! They are like a best friend that knows about cars! I trust them!!

 Tim F Customer since 2012

Yet another positive experience with Lenfer! They were flexible, professional, and detailed in their work on our van. We will definitely return for whatever automotive repair needs arise in the future!

 John G Customer since 2005

Went above and beyond to keep our car running well. Trustworthy and knowledgeable. We'll keep coming back!

 Anonymous Verified customer

I am a car guy that likes to do maintenance and repairs on my car, so I am particular to who will service my cars. I think I have finally found that shop to take over the jobs that I don't have the time, tools, or confidence to do myself. This is a professional, friendly, clean shop which is a gem for the Metro area. Work performed right in estimates for time and money and is an overall great value. I don't look forward to any big maintenance jobs or repairs, but if something needs to be done I know where to go.

 Holly T Customer since 2014

This was my first visit. Love it, and I will be back!

 Curt P Customer since 2009

Excellent service as always....Honest, competent, and will give you the most reasonable cost solution.

 Rich K Customer since 2012

very good visit. found the problem and fixed it very quit.

 Richard H Customer since 2011

We wouldn't go anywhere else about a vehicle.

 Rich R Customer since 2010

They always go out of there way to accomadate schedules and get the job done on time.

They are also always priced fair and go above and beyond.

 Dave P Customer since 2013

They found the problem and fixed it.

 Ruth C Customer since 2012

I can always count on Lenfer's to care about helping me with my car.

 Dan D Customer since 2004

Once again, Lenfer Automotive came to the rescue when I needed the struts replaced in the hatch of my van. I was able to get a same day appointment that took about 10 minutes and I was out of there. Thanks Lenfer!

 Curt P Customer since 2009

as always you help resolve the problem

 John B Customer since 2007

it was great especially because the oil change was free. Free is good!!

 Paul T Customer since 2010

Awesome service!!!

 Randy K Customer since 2014

They did a great job. They saved me approx. $1,600.00 and they did the repair in a day. I would and already have recommended them to others. Thank you

 Rich R Customer since 2010

They always get me in and always do a great job.

 Anonymous Verified customer

I have taken my passenger van to Lenfer's since before I bought it used with 160,000 miles (per-purchase inspection)...Since then my Band, Howler, has used the Van for two US tours (18,500 miles) and we are getting ready for our 3rd tour starting in April which will take us out to Seattle down to San Diego across the southern border Phoenix, Austin, Dallas, New Orleans, Atlanta and then up the east coast Philly, New York, Boston into Canada..Montreal, Toronto back to the states for a couple of shows in the midwest and ending up in Chicago......Had Lenfer check-out the Van and perform some maintenance and its ready to go...Lenfer is a reliable, honest and friendly service oriented business...We consider them as part of our extended family.

 Dan M Customer since 2008

I trust my cars to Randy Dave Z and Bob because they always do great work and always at or below the price quoted customer for life.

 Dan M Customer since 2008

Great as always!

 Mark M Customer since 2013

great service, estimate was right in line and on time (actually early).

 Diane P Customer since 2012

Prompt and pleasant service!

 Carla S Customer since 2009

Great service from these guys, Always trust them with my vehicles!!

 Pat B Customer since 2012

I am pleased with my repair and the timeliness of same. I was able to get in on short notice, have the repair done by the expressed time of release and found the work to have been done well.

I bring my car to Lenfer because I am treated with dignity, given promises that are realistic and sustainable. The staff are polite and professional. I recommend this shop to any one who is in my circle of influence for repairs.

 Rick F Customer since 2004

Fantastic service!

♦♦♦♦♦ Lori J Customer since 2011


 John B Customer since 2007

scheduled oil change done in timely manner. Very friendly environment

 Patrick B Customer since 2014

Wonderful i will be back

 Michelle S Customer since 2011

You guys continue to take care of my car and me. You stand by your work and are the BEST!! I will only take my car(s) to you. Thank you for being so great to me and for taking care of my car!

 Billie Jean M Customer since 2012

they do nice work they have your car done when they say they're going to have it done that's what I like

 Dave P Customer since 2013

Dave answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns.

 Dave P Customer since 2013

Dave took the time to answer all my questions and addressed all my concerns.

 Pat B Customer since 2012

In quickly out quickly.....

Job well done on diesel oil change.

 Eric L Customer since 2013

Very pleased with the work and experience I had.

 Michael P Customer since 2013


 Anonymous Verified customer

Got me in right away with my appointment and changed oil while I waited. Checked air in my tires and turned off a check tire light for me. Great job!

 Anonymous Verified customer

Very good experience with Lefner's. Did the required work on short notice same day.

 Mike P Customer since 2010

Always helpful, fast service when they can. Reasonable $.

 Lori J Customer since 2011

I trust the judgement and work.

 Avery B Customer since 2012

You covered the tranny with the warranty and got it done. It just took longer than I was expecting. All is good,,, for now. Avery

 Tom M Customer since 2013

Great job on fixing my axle seal! It was done quickly and cleanly.


 Tim F Customer since 2012

Extremely accommodating in scheduling and through in their work. Again, VERY pleased with the quality of service that Lenfer provides!