Car AC Repair in Lino Lakes, MN

ac-serviceDuring the hot summer months, you need your car’s air conditioning system to be in top working condition. There can be several reasons why your car’s AC system is not working properly. Let the experts at Lenfer Automotive & Transmission in Lino Lakes, Minnesota perform a thorough AC system check so we can get your car feeling nice and cool again. There can be several reasons why your AC system is not working to its maximum capacity. Some of the most common reasons include that the air conditioner is running low on freon, there’s dirty coolant in the system, or the system is experiencing faulty electrical wiring.

Most automotive air conditioning systems are connected to the rest of your vehicle’s electrical system. This means any surge or other problem can snowball and create other issues with the rest of your car. Some examples could include poor idling, low fuel efficiency, a drained battery, or something more serious like a spent alternator or serpentine belt. In most cases, AC repair can be performed quickly and inexpensively if you take it to us in time. With the right equipment, parts, and expertise, we’ll ensure that your car feels cool and comfortable as soon as possible.

You should always take your car in to be inspected by a certified mechanic instead of trying to make the AC repair yourself. Not only could you cause more damage to the system by accident, but there could be some more serious underlying problems that might be overlooked.

Common Car AC Problems and How to Fix Them

Here are some of the most common AC-related issues, and how we can help to correct them:

  • Coolant leaks: For many older cars, the refrigerant inside the AC system can dissipate over time or develop leaks. If this happens, it’s time to take it in for a system flush and refill.
  • A noisy air compressor: If you turn on the AC and hear a loud noise, it’s most likely an issue with the compressor. In most instances, the compressor will need to be replaced but you should always take it to an experienced shop like ours for a proper inspection.
  • The temperatures inside your car fluctuate: If your AC is blowing intermittently with warm and cold air, there could be moisture buildup in one of the hoses or assemblies. This causes ice to form and clog the flow of air. This is a simple, easy fix but if you don’t repair it, it can cause serious damage to the other components of your AC system.

Whether your AC system is barely pushing cold air or you’re noticing unusual noises, bring your vehicle to Lenfer Automotive & Transmission in Lino Lakes for a full assessment so we can get you back on the road in cool comfort.