Brake Repair in Lino Lakes, MN

break-serviceIn order to stay safe on the road, you need to have a properly working brake system in your vehicle. The brakes are what help you maintain a safe speed and allow you to stop whenever you need to for better control. If you notice any issues with your brakes, they should be addressed immediately. Visit the professionals at Lenfer Automotive & Transmission in Lino Lakes, Minnesota for expert brake inspections and repair. Our ASE Certified techs are fully trained and have the experience to repair brakes and brake systems for any make and model. No matter what you’re experiencing, we will restore your brakes to top-working condition so you can get back to driving safely.

Signs of Brake Problems

If you think you may have a problem with your brakes, be on the lookout for the following signs:

  • Your brake pedal feels “spongy” whenever you press the brake pedal
  • The brake warning light comes on
  • There’s a loss of brake power when you try to stop
  • You notice a screeching noise while braking
  • When you brake, your vehicle pulls to one side
  • The vehicle vibrates or shakes when you brake

If you experience any of these symptoms, take your vehicle to our Lino Lakes location as soon as possible. Any problems with your brakes can be dangerous for yourself, your passengers, and other vehicles on the road. We can accurately diagnose and repair any brake problems so you can stay safe.

Common Brake Problems

Some of the most common brake problems you could experience include:

  • Your brake fluid is low or leaking
  • You have a faulty master cylinder
  • There is a caliper issue, or you have wrapped brake rotors
  • The brake pads are worn

Have your brake inspected and serviced on a regular basis in order to prevent expensive or serious brake repairs. The brake fluid in your car should be topped off and clean so that the power transfers properly and you can stop in a timely and safe manner. If you have warped rotors, they should be resurfaced or replaced as well as any worn brake pads or shoes. All leaks should be properly fixed to avoid brake failure.

Visit Lenfer Automotive & Transmission in Lino Lakes, Minnesota for your one-stop shop when it comes to car repair We can handle any brake-related problems that you might be experiencing. Give us a call to schedule your brake inspection and repair today!