Oil Changes in Lino Lakes, MN

Oil Changes & Lube Filter ServiceMaking sure that your vehicle gets regular oil changes along with lube and filter services is extremely important to ensuring your vehicle runs smoothly. Adding new motor oil and switching out the filter will help to ensure that your engine stays properly lubricated. Contact Lenfer Automotive & Transmission in Lino Lakes, MN for a comprehensive oil, lube, and filter service. We provide services for all makes and models, and our oil changes include up to five quarts of your vehicle’s manufacturer-recommended oil. It also includes a new filter, chassis lubrication, a top off of all the important fluids, and a bumper-to-bumper inspection of your vehicle. We understand that getting the right preventative maintenance requires more than just an oil change, which is why we offer a complete and comprehensive oil service. Bring your vehicle in for professional and friendly service at our location in Lino Lakes.

Oil Change Lino Lakes, MN

Getting an oil, lube, and filer service is an integral part of proactive car maintenance. With clean motor oil, it circulates through your engine to keep all components lubricated. It also helps to protect your engine from corrosion and overheating. The new motor oil picks up any excess dirt and debris and brings it back through the filter, preventing buildup. With low or dirty motor oil, your engine could potentially overheat, and the engine parts may corrode. This is an extremely expensive repair job, and it can also cause your vehicle to perform poorly and lose fuel efficiency.

When you schedule an oil change and lube service, a filter replacement is also needed so it can filter out the motor oil and catch all of the excess dirt and grime. The filter will ensure that the motor oil is circulating properly to keep your engine clean. However, over time, your filter can become dirty and will need to be replaced. At Lenfer Automotive, we’ll also check and top off other essential fluids like antifreeze, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield wiper fluid.

You also need to lubricate your vehicle chassis to get excellent maintenance. When we perform chassis lubrication, we lube suspension parts like the ball joints, u-joints, and tie rod ends to prevent metal rubbing on metal among the vital suspension components. This can cause parts to erode and create serious damage over time.

If you’re not sure about how often your car needs to have oil, lube, and filter service, come and pay our experts a visit. Our highly trained staff will help you determine the right type of oil and the correct intervals your vehicle needs. We’ll also set you up with a handy service reminder so that you never miss an oil change. Give the staff at Lenfer Automotive & Transmission in Lino Lakes, Minnesota a call to schedule your oil and filter service today.