Car Tires in Lino Lakes, MN

TiresWhen was the last time you thought about your tires? It probably wasn’t recent. With everything your tires do for you on a daily basis, they deserve some attention. After all, the health and quality of your tires affect the safety, efficiency, and performance of your vehicle. At Lenfer Automotive & Transmission, we understand that a good tire goes a long way. That is why we offer comprehensive tire services and a wide selection of tires in Lino Lakes, MN.

Tires Lino Lakes, MN

You already know that tires come in a variety of sizes, but they also come with different benefits and in different price ranges. At Lenfer Automotive, it doesn’t matter what kind of tires you are looking for, we have you covered. And if you aren’t completely sure what it is you are looking for, our experts are here to help. We will evaluate your needs and guide you to the perfect tire for your vehicle and budget.

Tire Repair Lino Lakes, MN

When your tires are damaged, it is possible that they can be repaired so you can avoid buying a new one. However, not all tire repairs are safe and they should always be done by a trusted mechanic.

At Lenfer Automotive & Transmission, we are dedicated to your safety and will never provide a tire repair that we do not deem safe for the road. If your tire is damaged, bring it in for an inspection. We will evaluate the type, size, and location of the damage and determine whether or not we believe it can be safely repaired.

Tire Rotation & Wheel Balancing Lino Lakes, MN

Once you have a great set of tires, it is important to keep them maintained so you can make the most of your investment. Regular tire rotation and wheel balancing will do just that. These services ensure that your tires are wearing evenly so you can avoid having to buy a new set before you were ready. Consult with our team today for more information.

Whether you are looking for a new set of tires or the services to keep yours rolling along, Call Lenfer Automotive & Transmission to schedule an appointment today.