Do Chevy Silverados Have Transmission Problems?

If you want answers to whether Chevy Silverado’s have a transmission problem, the answer is YES. There have been various consumer reports and several complaints from the users of different models of the Chevy Silverado’s 1500. Most of the complaints have been about a failed transmission system or having issues with their car’s transmission.

As you can imagine, automatic transmissions are critical and should always be in proper working order. You do not want to hear grinding noises, have a dead battery, or automatically surge forward when moving around with your Chevrolet Silverado 1500.

The Chevy Silverado has seen technical service bulletin issuances and so the firm has acknowledged the issues.

For decades of its existence, Chevrolet has been known for producing quality cars. From the ’55 Chevy to the Cameo carrier pickup, that increased the car’s popularity to date. Over the years, this reputation built has been threatened by the number of complaints by the Silverado’s series owner. A number of Chevy Silverado’s owners complain about the transmission issues of their car.

Chevy Silverados transmission problems

The Chevy Silverado 1500 model from 2012-to 2019 has some common problems reported by users. They include high fuel consumption and selector switch failure, which sometimes starts after your Silverado’s have crossed million-mile transmission issues. Transmission issues will certainly put a damper on a new car owner’s enjoyment of their vehicle.


chevy transmission problems


When you get a new vehicle, the last thing you want to worry about is a transmission problem. The transmission generally involves the wheel’s connection to the engine to allow the vehicle to move. When the transmission is at its best, the vehicle will slow down easily, speed up as the driver wants and come to a halt smoothly. When a vehicle’s transmission is faulty, slowing down, increasing speed, or bringing the vehicle to a halt becomes a problem, and the driver can risk having an accident or causing serious damage to other parts of the vehicle.

Some common transmission problems in vehicles are

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Transmission fluid leaks
  • Low or burnt transmission fluid
  • Clunking noise when shifting between gears
  • Jerking
  • Making noise when the gear is in neutral

All these are problems vehicles generally experience. The common problems of Chevrolet Silverado’s recorded by California Lemon Lawyer are:

  • Hard or rough shifting
  • Sudden jerking
  • Trouble downshifting.

Hard or rough shifting is a common transmission problem with the General motor’s Silverado. It makes the driving experience not so smooth. When you are experiencing a hard or rough shifting, it becomes hard to switch between gears. There is no smooth transition, and most times, acceleration becomes a problem. This is a sign that there is something wrong with your car’s transmission system. It can occur when your transmission fluid is low or is in bad condition, it could also be a notice that your vacuum modulator valve is faulty. Either way getting the truck fixed should be the user’s priority.

Sometimes, the truck jerks when accelerating, causing the people inside discomfort. Everybody wants to enjoy a smooth ride when they are traveling and not dance to the unpleasant movement of a faulty transmission system. Jerking is not uncommon with Chevy Silverado’s. The jerking is a sign that there is something wrong with the transmission system. Jerking problems can occur as early as after driving your Chevy Silverado’s and after you have driven it through 29,000 miles. Sometimes, you might not experience this problem until after 100,000 miles. As a Chevy Silverado owner, you shouldn’t be shocked when it eventually happens.

Common causes of Silverado’s transmission problems

The common transmission problems or Chevy Silverado can be linked to different reasons, it includes:

Transmission control module (TMC) failure – the transmission control module does the work of sending signals from different parts of the vehicle where there are sensors to the transmission. Then depending on what the driver does with the gear, breaks, or pedals, the TMC then downshifts or upshifts.

Sometimes these sensors or the TMC can be faulty, leading to problems in the vehicle’s transmission system.


Common causes of Silverado's transmission problems


Another cause of transmission problems and the most common one as reported by Silverado users is the torque converter failure. A deteriorating torque can lead to transmission fluid spillage and eventually the failure of the transmission system.

As soon as you notice a little problem with the transmission of your Chevy, you shouldn’t leave it unchecked as it can deteriorate further and cause a serious problem to you or your vehicle.

Should you replace your transmission?

Changing a transmission system is a major repair on your vehicle, and major repairs will cost you quite a lot. Replacing the transmission system is like replacing your vehicle’s engine; both will cost you a fortune. However, if you can afford a new transmission system without breaking the bank, it is best to replace your transmission system.

If you cannot afford a new transmission system, the best option is to take your Chevy Silverado’s to a certified repair shop and have the transmission system checked

Have Chev Silverado Transmission Problems? Work with Lenfren Auto Today

If you are thinking of buying a Chevy Silverado’s, you can look at buying the lower models from 2011 and prior. The transmission problems reported by different people have been a thing from the 2012 model onward and do not affect models from previous years.

Also, if you already own a Chevy Silverado and notice any of the transmission faults mentioned earlier, the auto repair shop should be your next stop!

Whether you have issues with your pressure regulator system, automatic transmission system, or valve body in your used Chevy Silverado, our team is here for you.

We can address issues when your check engine light comes on and can see what is going on with your first and second gear operations in your Chevrolet Silverado. A pickup truck can certainly be a great buy but it is necessary to account for Chevy Transmission problems, your transmission fluid flush, and shifting problems.

If you notice any erratic shifting or problems with the shift solenoids during the normal operation of your pickup truck, reach out to our team at Lenfren Auto today. We are pleased to address your Chevy Silverado transmission matters while doing our best to minimize the need for costly repairs.


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